Steam Day

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The Origins of Steam Day

An Unofficial day at Disneyland that began with one woman's love of Disney, some cogs, gears and a dream.

Spooky Sprocket dreamed of having a day at Disneyland just for those who shared her love of all that was Steampunk. Through hard work and perseverance, the Steampunk seed she had planted took root February 8th 2012. With the help of her Prime Vector, Lilith (her personal Steamgoth Graphic Artist), the crazy Pocket Monster of Doom, and her merry band of wonderful Steampunk loving misfits, Steam Day has grown and blossomed. Each year their merry band grows by leaps and bounds and they look forward to see how their Disney Steampunk family has grown.


Steam Day is now a full fledged unofficial day at Disneyland. Please keep your eyes and ears open as your Steam Day Captain and her crew will be working towards bringing Steam Day to Disney World as well!